At the age of 7 Niels let his father drive his Volvo and caravan over dad's brand new Hi8 video camera. Niels putted the camera on the ground to make a nice holiday video, he realized he had an inquisitive mind. His mom and dad somewhat agreed.

25 years later he had worked six years as an agency art director. Niels concluded that he missed non-conventional directors. His believe is that ‘Every single day a consumer experiences about 10.000 marketing related ads.’ That’s why Niels quitted his job in 2013 and started to direct films which stand out of the crowd and beat the clutter that consumers experience every day. He believes that films should feel as an exhilarating experience that triggers consumers' mind in any way possible. Niels want to Inspire, surprise and give them satisfaction

Besides his expertise within live-action and lifestyle his directing style is best described as non-conventional. Using one-of-kind techniques, robots, celluloid, epic slow-motions, original point of views, overwhelming (or no) sound design and color grading to maximize the suspense of the film. Whatever the job needs to make it stunning. As he likes to say: ‘visual storytelling, out of the box and in your face!’

The last decade he focussed mainly on food related commercials but he’s devoted to realize his vision to other areas as well. In 2018 he made his appearance on national TV. As a specialist he was a member of the jury in the popular Dutch program named 'Het Perfecte Plaatje' (The Perfect Picture). And, sad but true, he closed down his micro-brewery in 2018 to focus on directing only.

Brands where he has worked for include: McDonald's, Heinz, Birra Moretti, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Kaufland, Schweppes, Ferrero, Maggi, Coop, Rama, Lidl, Knorr, Senseo, Friesche Vlag, Florette, Charles & Alice, Philips, Danone, Old Amsterdam and many more.

Niels lives in the frisky city of Rotterdam, The Netherlands and has shot in numerous countries around the globe. He travels a lot with his love and daughter to explore nature and local cuisine.

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